Always Saying Goodbye


Always Saying Goodbye

encaustic, mixed media on panel

Always Saying Goodbye explores the grievances of motherhood and the continual act of relinquishment we are called to participate in. As I put my son on the bus on his first day of kindergarten, it wasn’t my tears that surprised me, but the anger I felt. I foresaw a forever act of saying goodbye unfolding before me. And I was angry about it. First we say goodbye as they leave for kindergarten, then grade school, high school, university and so on…a mother’s heart is a beautiful, weathered well; reaching deep, dipping in and and pouring out, over and over again.

Always Saying Goodbye is part of The Working Mother series.


Available at Studio Haiku –  email: [email protected]

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Dimensions 8 × 1 × 8 in


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