Encaustic Care



Encaustic Care: In order to keep your encaustic paintings in tip-top shape, after time you’ll want to buff the surface (exceptions may apply) in order to bring out the radiant shine and vibrancy of the colors that encaustic surfaces are known for.

How To Buff: Gently (but with muscle) buff the surface of the painting, using small concentric circles, with a soft, lint-free cloth (old t-shirts or pantyhose work great) whenever you notice dust or a hazy appearance.  This is called “bloom.” Bloom occurs more frequently in the young life of an encaustic painting.  Over time, bloom will cease as the wax cures and the painting matures.  Once cured, your paintings will more readily shed dust and keep their polished look.

Temperature Considerations: Encaustic paintings do not like sudden temperature changes or temperature extremes. Never leave a painting outside in winter or outside (or in a car) at the height of summer. Treat your encaustic painting like you would a beloved pet and it will last for thousands of years.

Encaustic Care Rules of Thumb:

  • Keep out of direct sunlight
  • Keep at normal room temperatures, avoiding anything above 100 degrees Fahrenheit and below freezing.
  • Avoid buffing areas with gold leaf or any areas with considerable texture.


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