Mono No Aware Opens At Lizzards Art Gallery

Posted on August 17, 2019 in News

It was a joy to be able to share my new body of work, mono no aware at Lizzards Art Gallery in Duluth, Minnesota. Thank you to everyone who came out!  The show runs from August 8th – September 28th, 2019.  The artist statement truly reflects the spirit of the work. I hope you enjoy it.

Mono no aware is the Japanese term for the wistful awareness of impermanence.  At the passing of all things, a gentle grief may be present, but the accompanying wistfulness is what heightens the appreciation for what is beautiful, even if transient.  In this new body of encaustic work by Natalie Salminen Rude, the sense of mono no aware is present in these poignant images of the natural world.  They are moments composed.  In pairing down the imagery to their essence, Salminen Rude composes visual haiku with each painting – distilling the ephemeral essence within the landscapes and botanic compositions with color, line and empathy.  Landscapes familiar to our northern region resonate with season, horizon lines, moments of dusk, patterns in light, tree and pond edge. Mono no aware travels further into Salminen Rude’s resonance with the Japanese aesthetic, as she continues to find it deeply harmonic to her sense of the world. 

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Thank you to every heart who came out to celebrate and support the opening of Mono No Aware! What a wonderful reception – in every way. Much gratitude to @lizzardsartgallery for hanging the show so beautifully and for the warm hospitality. I love working with you. You are a gift to our community! . And more thanks than there are words to my friends and family who really got me through this one. Creativity requires more of me than I imagined and I simply cannot do this work on my own. . The show runs through the end of September. Please stop in if you are downtown and see the delicious surfaces of these encaustic paintings. There is subtle gold work, embedded colors and delicate dimensional details you can only see in person. There’s an intimacy to these paintings that is very special. ✨ . . #mononoaware #artopening #lizzardsartgallery #nataliesalminenrude #artist #encaustic #encausticpaintings #mononoaware #family #artshow #mnartist #artistsoninstagram #duluthloveslocal #duluth #persimmon #gensoteki #fuubutsushi #yugen #wakiaiai #wabisabi #andmore!

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Wabi – Sabi Volume II

To see the full body of work from mono no aware click here.


UWS 125 years | Alumni Show

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UWS | 125 years

Join the University of Wisconsin-Superior in celebrating their 125th year!

Group Alumni Show | Kruk Gallery

June 11, 2019 | 5-8 pm

I’m pleased to be showing my most recent sculptural work, featuring hand drawn plat maps of Duluth encased in encaustic – now artifacts. My artist statement considers this: Technology as Conquistador.


when we’re overthrown

values illuminated

please take directions


encaustic, hand-drawn plat map artifacts, found objects, dried botanicals, 23kt gold leaf


STRATA | Group Sculpture Show

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June 4, 2019

Opening 5-8 pm

Duluth Art Institute



Live Podcast Recording at Studio Haiku

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Art and Faith Conversations, Live Podcast Taping at Studio Haiku

Hi, everyone! I’m currently preparing to host a thought-provoking, awakening conversation at my gallery. Studio Haiku is welcoming Libby John of the Art & Faith Conversations podcast for a live recording of “Life in Haiku.” With this podcast Libby will ask questions and explore the joys and challenges of how art and faith intersect in life as we talk about the art of haiku through interviews, stories and sharing experiences.

Art and Faith Conversations, Live Podcast Taping at Studio Haiku 2

Update // We had a wonderful time together! It was a full house and much fun. This podcast is now up. Here’s a lovely description from the Art and Faith Conversations Episode Notes:

“This live podcast episode was recorded at Studio Haiku in Duluth, MN. My guest, Natalie Salminen Rude, is a visual artist who specializes in encaustic style painting and has also been practicing the art of haiku for several years. We talk in depth about the invitational nature of haiku that can lead us into conversations with our Creator. Natalie shares with us how it has informed and influenced her creativity and also shaped her prayer life. Haiku has shown Natalie the value of pausing and taking notice of the present, even when life feels chaotic or confusing. She shares tips on how to get started writing haiku and also shares several of her own in this episode.”

Art & Faith Conversations | Listen here: Season 4 Ep 13: Life in Haiku

Art and Faith Conversations, Live Podcast Taping at Studio Haiku 3

Spring Arrives Truly

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Natalie Salminen at Studio Haiku

As the seasons change, so do we.

Spring arrives truly
Weak knee’d in their petal wake
Under lilac spell

Much is changing, altering, bending and arching toward the sun — both in nature and at Studio Haiku, which has now been open in Duluth, MN, for almost one and a half years! Much has taken place lately, and much is yet to come. Follow along on my Facebook page for events, Instagram for visual delights or subscribe to my new blog. I’m looking forward to writing more.

Natalie Salminen Fine Art + Studio Haiku Featured in Make MN!

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According to Kara Larson, editor of Make MN: “The Possibility Issue opens with a beautiful essay by Natalie Salminen Rude, ​a visual artist and poet based in Duluth, MN. By interweaving beauty, justice, and wonder into her creative work, Natalie paints primarily in oils and encaustic​—a​n ancient medium that combines beeswax, pigment, resin, and heat. Working professionally in the arts since 2004, she maintains a studio, ​Studio Haiku, i​n Duluth’s Woodland neighborhood, teaches encaustic workshops both locally and internationally, exhibits, and facilitates discussions on spirituality and what it means to live as an artist within the context of commitment, family, and the humble rhythms of life.”

Studio Haiku, Make MN Magazine Feature

She goes on to say, “Natalie’s essay explores the notion of making space in our lives to foster creativity and connect us to our most creative selves. Her thoughtful words consider the incredibly relevant conversation of what rest and space means for us in a contemporary context. Natalie writes, ​“Research across fields continues to show us that when the mind is at rest, the mind is making connections. Innovation and discovery are at the mercy our of ability to simply sit, disengaged, unplugged, with distractions set aside. Not only is fostering this kind of space necessary for our creative fires to burn, it is the only way humanly forward.”

Studio Haiku is a stockist for Make MN Magazine. Stop by to pick up a copy of this beautiful, ad free quarterly publication highlighting creative culture and community in Minnesota.

Popol Vuh, MN Installation

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In early 2019, I had the opportunity to install this work of art in a private dining room at Popol Vuh — a restaurant in northeast Minneapolis serving elevated Mexican cuisine.

Popol Vuh – James Beard Award Semifinalist:

Artful Living Magazine:

An Artist of Many Layers

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t11.8.18 Bob King -- 111718.F.DNT.ARTISTSPACESc6 -- Using a torch, Natalie Salminen blends colors on a large panel she's working on for a restaurant in Minneapolis. Bob King /

Article + Video in the Duluth News Tribune // This November, I opened up Studio Haiku to Melinda Levine and Bob King from the Duluth News Tribune. They wrote a wonderful article on my work, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity. You can read it here.

Bent Paddle Installation

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N S Rude - Boundary Waters 36x48 (b), 2/15/18, 4:41 PM, 8C, 8460x10907 (71+236), 108%, Custom, 1/12 s, R91.2, G56.7, B69.4

I recently had the opportunity to install art at Bent Paddle Brewing Co. Titled “Her Soliloquy” this painting is an encaustic piece of my most beloved places, the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

In a timely commission through my art + justice initiative, The Commissions Project – Bent Paddle Brewing Co. (an award winning Minnesota brewing company who knows a thing or two about the absolute importance of fresh water) commissioned me to create an encaustic painting that inspires us to protect and paddle on – in these very treasured, yet vulnerable waters.

This image is part of The Commissions Project – 50% of print proceeds go directly to Friends of the Boundary Waters! Friends of the BWCA advocate for the preservation, protection and enjoyment of this wilderness gem. Beauty will save the world! Your purchase champions much – places that need justice and art for the common good.


In Water or On Walls

Posted on October 21, 2018 in News

DNT Josh Rude Feature

Article + Photos in the Duluth News Tribune // This past October, my talented husband Josh Rude was featured in the Duluth News Tribune, sharing how he creates handmade wooden paddles as functional art. You can read it here.