After a year has passed: Spring 2021

Posted on May 14, 2021 in News

Update! Has a year passed since I’ve closed the studio? Just about. I’ve been thinking since then…pulling my pressed-to-the-glass face back so that I can see, aching for the big picture – that we’ve somehow lost sight of, especially this year.  I’ve been largely away from all things digital/social media. I have been present with those given back hours – spending them on my children, on walking daily, on planting fall bulbs, on being quiet. How refreshing it has been. To stop and think. To refrain from consuming with such intensity. To slow. To consider what has been consumed. To turn a thought, over and over.

I’m ready to begin working again.  I’m setting up a new studio space. We will see each other soon! Sunshine and fresh faces.

“Courage is the ability to cultivate a relationship with the unknown; to create a form of friendship with what lies around the corner over the horizon – with those things that have not yet fully come into being.”

– David Whyte


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