June 2024 Update: Commissions, Fall Shows, and a Summer Haiku

Posted on June 20, 2024 in News


summer saunters in

slow snail on a blade of grass

I stoke the wood fire


It’s mid June and I’m chilly. Damp air reminds me it’s not yet a beach day…those are still far off. I dream of Park Point, our seven mile swath of sand, the longest freshwater sandbar in the world. We are rich with treasures here. Until that snail speeds up, I’m hunkering down in front of my fire place, attending, present.


This spring I’ve wrapped up almost all of my 2024 commissions (2025 commissions are now open – it’s wild to me that I must plan a year in advance for most commissions) and now in my mind’s eye I skip summer and move to the fall, because that’s where my next show unfolds. And those images are what I’m swimming with now. Beach days of sorts. This solo show is happening at another one of our treasures, the New Scenic Cafe on historic Highway 61, just north of Duluth. With three distinct dining rooms and a gorgeous new timber frame entry way, I’m dreaming up a little of this and a little of that for each area. The show opens October 9th, just in time for scenic drives up and down Lake Superior’s North Shore.

The little of this and that will include many things I’ve been contemplating over the last few years. Sea shells, prairie grass, the riot of spring, blue, blue, blue and unfinished fables scenes that have been dancing around my mind since writing them. Oil, encaustic and mixed media dioramas are on the menu.


surprised by seashores

seashells and small scenes of wit

just stopping for lunch


New Scenic Cafe – photo by Lissa Maki


I’m so grateful for my work, for a pleasant studio, and especially for all the support I receive to put this particular kind of beauty out into the world. Thank you.


       Blessings on your beach days. xo


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